Sell Gold Coins for Top Dollar

All of those old, gold coins that you have may be worth more than you ever thought was possible. We buy gold coins at DA Gold Buyers and we’re interested in buying yours. The gold coins you have may be worth considerably more than face value – and we’ll tell you exactly how much we can pay you in cash within minutes of you walking through our door in NYC.

Sell Gold Coins of Any Kind

We don’t care what kind of gold coins you have – we want to see them. They can be foreign coins, old coins or rare coins. Coins from prior to the European Union created the euro can be brought into us. Coins older than 1970 can be brought into us as well. We are gold coins buyers with over 20 years of experience and can identify coins quickly.
Whether you have one coin or a piggy bank full of gold coins, we’ll buy them from you. We will check out what they are worth and give you a value for each one. You can choose to sell all of them to us or sell only one to us. You can sell gold coins to us regardless of where you got it from and how old it is – we will be sure that you get the best value possible for it.

We Buy Gold Coins for Cash

We buy gold coins and pay you cash for them always. You don’t want store credit or to be handed a check, so that’s what we avoid. When you sell gold coins to use, we pay you in cash so you can do what you want with the money. You may want to squander it away on stores in Midtown or pay off debt or put it in the bank. It’s your money to spend as you want.
Not all gold coins buyers pay the same amount for coins. We have clientele that repeatedly visits us because we pay higher than others in town. We welcome you to come in and get an estimate. Shop the estimate around and see if you can find a better offer. We will see you soon as we know we can pay more than others. Why go anywhere else when you know you can be paid what you deserve without having to go shopping around?

Visit Gold Coins Buyers in NYC

We are gold coins buyers with a location right in the middle of New York City. Our Manhattan location is on West 47th Street so you can access us easily by taxi, bus, subway, car or by foot. When you visit us, we will get you in and out quickly so you don’t have to spend the entire day with us (unless you really want to, of course).
Our clientele comes from all over the area. We have people visit us from Long Island and Staten Island, Queens, Bronx, upstate and even from Jersey and Connecticut. Why do people come from so far to sell gold coins? We’ve been told it’s because of our top notch customer service and our unbeatable prices. The only way to be sure is to come in and check out our location for yourself. Bring us all of your gold coins – US and foreign – and we’ll give you a quote. You will be able to walk out of our location feeling a little lighter and with a lot more dough in your pocket.